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Please Help Us Send the Floor Hockey Team To Newfoundland for March 1-5, 2016

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Advanced Safety Paramedics is proud to be a sponsor of Special Olympics Team Alberta!


“Team Alberta is committed to offering quality winter sport training programs defined by
the hard work, effort, commitment and respect of its members. Based on the results from
the 2015 provincial winter games, 66 athletes with 29 coaches and mission staff will represent
Alberta at the 2016 Special Olympics Canada Winter Games in Corner Brook, NFLD
from March 1 to 5, 2016.
As head coach of floor hockey for Team Alberta, I have watched this group of athletes
grow tremendously over the past 12 months. Each member of this team has shown the
commitment and hard work that it takes to not only compete at a high level, but to act
as a role model to all member of Special Olympics Alberta. Our floor hockey team is a
diverse group of 10 males and 2 females, as well as having the youngest member of Team
Alberta, Nick Lilly, aged 15.
It costs approximately $3000 to send just one athlete to the National Games in Corner
Brook, NFLD. Each athlete is asked to reach out to their community and raise as many
funds as possible. Even though as coaches and mission staff, we are not obligated to raise
any funds, we know our reach can extend further into our communities.
The athletes of Team Alberta floor hockey have expressed a great interest in having their
last names attached to the back of their jerseys. This cost is an addition to the jerseys that
will be provided to us by Team Alberta. We are asking for a donation of $500 to cover this
cost for all of our floor hockey athletes, to truly give them something that each athlete
will hold onto forever.”

Shane Bolen
Head Floor Hockey Coach
Team Alberta